When you do reflexology, your energy opens up. I’ve had people say they feel lighter or they feel ‘tingly’. Reflexology goes beyond just the muscle massage, it makes you feel a little better.” – Joanne, Registered Massage Therapist, Align

Did you know we offer reflexology at the clinic? Reflexologists believe certain points on the body reflect – or reflex – other parts. Applying focused pressure to these points on the hands and feet affects the nerves, sending signals to other parts of the body.


Our massage therapist Joanne is well-versed in reflexology and she’s currently taking a course to learn about more areas that can help treat different ailments. This therapy treats the body from the “inside out” by encouraging the body to heal and repair itself.

Reflexology is an excellent complementary therapy for a variety of conditions. Here are 8 things this treatment can help you with:

1) Boost immune function

When you reduce overall stress, your body has more energy to fight illness.

2) Improve high blood pressure

Reflexology has shown to be effective in decreasing systolic blood pressure in both healthy people and those with hypertension.

3) Speeds healing and reduces pain

Massaging the right points can provide pain relief, helping you feel better and more willing to start recovery.

4) Gives you a better sleep

When your body is in sync with itself, Circadian rhythms return to normal. You get higher quality and more restful sleep.

5) Relief from headaches and migraines

Migraine relief is one of the most common reasons people seek out reflexology. The technique releases tension and helps alleviate pain.

6) Increase energy

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, a reflexologist can help get your energy flowing again, leaving you feeling refreshed.

7) Improves circulation

By clearing channels of blocked energy, reflexology improves blood flow and helps cleanse the body of toxins.

8) Boosts your mood

Research has found that reflexology and foot massage can lower anxiety and depression, having a positive effect on your mood.

Reflexology is more than a foot massage. By aligning your body’s energy, you can reduce stress, improve your mood, and get yourself back in balance.

Why not experience the benefits of a reflexology-enhanced massage with Joanne? Book your next appointment online: https://alignyourhealth.ca/book-appointment/.

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