Let’s address the elephant in the room here. There are several misconceptions about chiropractic treatments that may leave some people feeling uneasy about the prospect of getting adjusted. While more and more Canadians are beginning to include regular visits to their chiropractor in their healthcare regimen, there are many more who would greatly benefit from chiropractic care, but may be hesitant to give it a try.

In today’s post we will address some common concerns about chiropractic care to help you separate fact from fiction, and even discover some of the hidden health benefits!

What is the “crack” you hear during adjustments?

 During a treatment, chiropractors use manual manipulation techniques, more commonly known as adjustments, to address any misalignments in the spine and help the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The noise you hear during an adjustment is not the sound of your bones cracking— it’s simply the sound of gas escaping from the joint being treated.

In fact, our very own clinic director and chiropractor Dr. Marcella Sanderson likes to think of it more as a “pop,” because, just like a bottle of champagne, the feeling is often one of celebration and relief for patients!

“What happens is there is an exchange of pressure and that causes the release of chemicals—those chemicals often are natural anti-imflammatories and natural endorphins, and that’s often why people have instant relief from an adjustment,” says Dr. Sanderson.

Chiropractors don’t only treat back pain—there are lots of other health benefits!

 Chiropractic care isn’t exclusively used to treat neck and back pain—in fact, Dr. Sanderson uses her skills to treat a number of conditions, including ear aches and colic in infants, and attention deficit disorder in older children.

Believe it or not, digestive issues can even be treated with a trip to the chiropractor. “Acid reflux is a huge one that I see a lot of patients get relief from with regular chiropractic adjustments,” says Dr. Sanderson.

Regular adjustments have even been proven to boost the immune system, helping you optimize your health from the inside out.

Adjustments are safe for everyone from newborns to expectant mothers.

Women who see their chiropractors regularly throughout their pregnancy can actually help their body prepare for labour and ease some of the pelvic discomfort that comes along with pregnancy. “Patients who have regular chiropractic care before and during pregnancy will find it helps with labour and delivery—reducing the time spent in labour and the need to push as much during delivery,” says Dr. Sanderson.

And mom isn’t the only one who can get relief from an adjustment. Some of Align’s youngest patients are just days old, with both Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Crossley specializing in care for the entire family.

We hope this post helps address some of the common concerns raised about chiropractic treatment, and provides a little more insight into what the chiropractic team at Align can do to improve your overall health. Book an initial consultation with us to discuss your questions with one of our chiropractors.

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