Have you heard of “tennis elbow” before?

It’s characterized by pain or soreness in the muscles and tendons around the forearm and elbow. It’s also one of the most common injuries we see here at the clinic every spring as the weather warms up and people get back to their favourite outdoor activities and sports.

The injury is commonly associated with the sport it’s named for, but most people with tennis elbow have never even picked up a racquet. Any activity that involves repetitive arm movements or nonstop gripping (like gardening, golf, painting, typing or knitting to name a few) can put a strain on your tendons and result in this painful condition.

Tennis elbow isn’t always easy to avoid, but you can help prevent it by ensuring you warm up adequately before any physical activity and by taking frequent breaks from any repetitive movements.

How Align Can Help

At Align, our team of physiotherapists and massage therapists can also work with you to develop a personalized wellness plan to promote better mobility and reduce any pain associated with your favourite springtime activities.

Kate has a special interest in treating athletes and has put her training as a RMT to use helping many Align practice members with the aches and pains that come with sports injuries. A massage before or after intense physical activity will improve circulation, promote better flexibility and help alleviate any muscle soreness that may be troubling you.

Valerie is another Align team member that’s put a focus on improving movement and mobility in her practice. Through GYROTONIC exercise, she can help you develop a greater range of motion, improve stiff joints, and accelerate muscle recovery to help prevent injury during intensive training periods.

Don’t let aches and pains prevent you from enjoying your favourite outdoor activities this spring. Set up a consultation with our team today and we’ll help you get your body and health into optimal shape for the spring season ahead: http://bit.ly/2elSa28

We Are Committed to Your Health and Wellness

Align Health Centre’s Covid-19 Response

Your health is our top priority. 

We’ve put the recommended policies and procedures in place to keep you safe and comfortable at Align. It is also why we have suspended our cancellation policy for the duration of the pandemic.

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