Nothing quite describes January like the word “change.” The promise of a fresh start from a new calendar year has many of us eager to change old habits and adopt new ones—and it’s no secret that many of those resolutions have to do with our health.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Sabrina Crossley, is taking advantage of the shift. After years of putting her own health and wellness on the back-burner to concentrate on her growing family, Dr. Crossley has vowed to make several changes to her lifestyle that will improve her overall health.

Like the majority of her clients, Dr. Crossley is a busy mother of three—the youngest of which is just  months old. Losing weight and being more active are both important goals for her wellness plan, but instead of aiming for drastic changes on the scale, she plans to focus first on small improvements like a better, more nourishing diet.

“I want to add more activity and movement into my life. To have energy at the end of the day when I get home from work is a huge one—and I think that has a lot to do with the way I’m eating. I’m not eating foods that are giving me that energy,” Dr. Crossley explains. “I feel like I can’t provide good health care without being healthy myself. Right now, it’s ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ I want to give back to my patients more by walking the talk.”

In order to hold herself accountable, Dr. Crossley will be utilizing all areas of Align Health Centre to help make 2018 her healthiest yet. Here is a look at how she plans to use several of our services to meet her goals:

Naturopathic Medicine: Dr. Crossley knows that eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet is key to fueling busy workdays and an energetic family life. By partnering with both Dr. K and Dr. May, she plans to find better ways to fuel her body and learn more about the right supplements she should be taking to support her overall health.

Chiropractic Treatments: After treating many families who credited their weekly adjustments to their enhanced immune systems, Dr. Crossley started adjusting her own kids weekly to test the theory. Turns out, the more her entire family stuck to their weekly chiropractic appointments, the less they were sick. This routine will be especially important over the winter months, as the cold and flu season continues!

Physiotherapy: In an effort to get moving every single day, Dr. Crossley plans to work with Jonathan and Valerie to find exercises that she can do around the house and the clinic. Not only will this make good use of the spare time Dr. Crossley finds, but it will cut down on the guilt of not getting to the gym every day!

Whatever your health and wellness goals might be this year, we have a service that will help keep you aligned with your 2018 vision. Book your next appointment online and learn how we can help you stay on track this year:

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