We’ve heard it time and again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But we don’t get as much advice on what foods offer the greatest benefits to our health. Incorporating these foods into your morning routine will give you more focus and energy, while helping you make better food choices throughout the day.

Veggie Omelette

Eggs are already a breakfast staple but did you know they have powerful brain health properties? The protein, lecithin, and fat help neurotransmitter function, keeping you focused throughout the day.

Our Ideal Protein lifestyle coach Lisa Rawson recommends making an omelette with vegetables for fibre and vitamins. “You can make up a big omelette with shitake mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, and peppers. They’re a great source of protein, the fibre will keep you satisfied, and there’s not a lot of fat in them.”

Turmeric smoothie

Toss a teaspoon of turmeric into a smoothie to take advantage of its natural anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s been shown to help with joint pain, upset stomach, and overall health. The spice also adds a nice kick to carrot and ginger smoothies!

Flax or Chia Seed Puddings

Flax and chia seeds offer some of the best sources of dietary fibre and magnesium. The fibre helps stabilize your blood sugar while magnesium is crucial for cell function – both are important for maintaining optimal energy levels.

Lisa recommends mixing a third cup of ground flax seeds with almond milk, heating it in the microwave, and garnishing it with blueberries and pecans or walnuts. “It’s absolutely delicious, high in protein, antioxidants, and vitamins – and it’s super low carb.”

Greek Yogurt

Fend off fatigue with a boost of vitamin B12 in the morning with plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. The high protein yogurt will keep you full throughout the morning, while a squeeze of honey will keep you healthy, thanks to its antibacterial properties.


According to Lisa, the North American high-carbohydrate diet is contributing to insulin resistance. “We eat carbs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and our body just isn’t able to figure out how to regulate our blood sugar anymore. Our pancreas is overproducing insulin and our body stops responding to it – this leads to weight gain,” she explains.

Grapefruit has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, providing benefits to blood sugar levels and weight loss. As one study showed, people who ate fresh grapefruit lost more weight than people who drank grapefruit juice or took concentrated grapefruit capsules.

Dark Chocolate

You might not believe this, but a bit of dark chocolate in the morning can be good for you! Natural dark chocolate has a natural stimulant – theobromine – that is similar to caffeine. Studies have shown that theobromine increases alertness while lowering blood pressure – unlike caffeine, which increases both. The key is to stick with dark chocolate with high cacao content and little to no added sugar.

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