Stress is an inevitable part of any workplace, but I’ve come across far too many people that allow it to take control of their lives. There is this idea that “good stress” (putting in long hours at work to get that promotion, keeping up with the demands of a new boss) will motivate us to be better or achieve a goal. This can be true, but the fact is most of us aren’t managing stress properly and it’s affecting our health in ways we don’t understand.

Stress not only contributes to conditions like high blood pressure, but can also lead many to use unhealthy coping methods like smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Continuing with Align’s #HeartMonth challenge to make one positive lifestyle change this February, here are a few tips you can use at work to better manage your stress and live a healthier life:

1. Plan ahead: Continually scrambling against deadlines (or missing them) is one sure way to stress yourself out. Make sure you plan ahead and get a good headstart on your projects, because effective time management is one key to reducing stress in the workplace.

2. Eliminate interruptions: It’s hard to be productive if you can’t focus on your work. If a constant flow of messages popping into your inbox is distracting and stressing you out, try blocking off a specific time of day for email. By only checking and responding to emails at a planned time you’ll be able to get through your inbox quicker and focus on the other important tasks you need to complete the rest of the time.

3.Take a break: Our brains need a rest every once and awhile. If you find yourself stuck on a problem or stressed out, go for a walk or step away from your desk to let yourself relax and decompress. When you return you’ll feel refreshed and be better equipped to handle the task at hand.

If you’re looking to relieve some stress this month, I suggest booking an appointment with your chiropractor or registered massage therapist. We would love to help. Give us a call: 905-953-1008.

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