Nothing can put a damper on your favourite spring activities like getting injured. Back pain, tendonitis and torn rotator cuffs are all common examples of the types of injuries we see at our clinic in Newmarket this time of year. But by taking a proactive approach to your healthcare through regular chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy treatments and massages, we can prevent pesky spring injuries from occurring in the first place.

“I see a lot of injuries at this time of year, particularly in the shoulders, elbows, knees and back, because people tend to take on too much. A lot of us become more sedentary during the winter months, so when we jump at the opportunity to go outside and garden, or play sports, it’s the perfect recipe for injuries to flare up,” Align physiotherapist Jonathan D’Sylva explains.

Here are some tips to prevent common springtime injuries:

Avoiding Back Pain in the Garden

 We tend to slump forward for long periods of time when working in the garden. This hunched over, shoulders forward position is very hard on our backs and often leads to neck, shoulder, and back pain. Jonathan recommends investing in a standing weed remover tool to cut down on the time spent hunched over near the ground.

Another common gardening injury Jonathan sees in his practice? People who have strained their backs from improperly lifting heavy loads. Remember, you should never hinge at the hips and bend forward to pick something up—get into a squat position and lift with your legs to protect your back!

Preventing Shoulder Injuries During Golf Season

 Golf greens across York Region are flooded with anxious golfers the second the warm weather hits—but unless you’ve been practicing at the indoor driving range over the winter, you should ease into your game before you hurt yourself.

Shoulder injuries are common in golfers, especially at the beginning of the season. Before picking up your clubs, always make sure to do dynamic warm-up exercises for your shoulders, such as internal and external rotations, and be sure to warm up on the driving range before playing an entire game.

No More Knee Injuries When Running or Hiking

 According to Jonathan, complaints of knee pain often spike in the spring and summer months as people become more active. While knee pain can be attributed to dozens of things, Jonathan often sees a spike in tendinitis and jumpers knee in the spring, which is often caused by jumping back into things like running or hiking after time off.

“By gradually working our way back into these things, stretching before and after any activity, and doing things like foam rolling to keep the muscles healthy is the best way to avoid injury,” Jonathan says.

Remember, physiotherapy can do more than rehabilitate injuries—it can help make you a stronger version of yourself and restore healthy movement patterns. People of all activity levels should consider adding physiotherapy to their self-care routine in order to avoid injury.

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