Cancer is perhaps the most destructive and widespread disease in the modern world. Researchers spend millions of dollars each year searching for a cure but none has been found so far. In the meantime, alternative treatments offer patients different solutions to tackle the effects of cancer and alleviate pain when the condition reaches a more dire stage. One of these alternative treatments is IV nutrient therapy.

Natural cancer treatment doesn’t necessarily have to replace conventional therapy; they merely complement conventional treatment and ease the harsh effects of drugs so cancer patients can enjoy better quality of life during their treatment. For instance, IV nutritional therapy involves the administration of essential nutrients straight into the bloodstream, as opposed to oral supplementation. It bypasses the digestive process which has been known to block absorption of nutrients.

By using an IV drip to infuse large amounts of crucial vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, naturopaths can provide natural cancer treatment. It’s meant to achieve a simple objective in cancer patients; strengthening the body and assisting other drugs during treatment.

IV nutrients can help treat conditions such as:

  • IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Celiac Disease
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Food Alergies

Cancer is basically abnormal cell growth and it comes in two main forms; benign and malignant tumors. The cancer itself, or tumor, is usually a mass of out-of-control cells that reproduce outside of normal body regulation, resulting in an undesirable mass of sick tissues growing in the body. This growing tumor uses the body’s resources to grow and can go undetected for a while, increasing in size every day.

A benign tumor will take long to develop and it can grow to a large size without causing any particular effect on the body. But after a certain point the tumor would start creating pressure on the surrounding tissues, at which point a person would start to feel pain and/or discomfort. By creating pressure the tumor may obstruct a blood vessel and interfere with blood flow which could kill cells in the body.

Malignant tumors are more destructive. They grow faster and have the ability to travel through blood vessels and implant new tumors in different parts of the body, spreading the cancer everywhere. The rate at which the cancer grows will differ from one person to another and the only way to reverse the spread of the infectious cells would be to detect the cancer in its early stages and begin treatment immediately.

Tumors always tap into the blood supply to get important nutrients in order to grow. Malignant tumors can build their own energy reserve by forming new blood vessels specially dedicated to providing supplies for the new growth. An added supply of oxygen and a host of nutrients enables these cells to replicate at a much faster rate, making it a challenge to treat the cancer.

Natural cancer treatment has a place in modern medicine and it works well especially when combined with other forms of treatment. Conventional treatment may involve more than one procedure depending on the stage of the cancer, the nature of the tumor, and so on. Medical Doctors typically employ three main treatment methods;

  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Radiation

Doctors may alternate between these treatments as a way to speed up treatment and recovery. Not all treatments are successful but by employing more advanced screening methods, doctors are able to detect cancer in very early stages, thereby increasing the chances of a full recovery.

As a response to the body’s weakening due to treatment, a naturopathic doctor can use IV nutrient therapy as a crucial and effective supportive treatment, which all cancer patients require in order to stay strong and functional.

The body tends to use up lots of energy resources when undergoing intense chemotherapy treatment and solutions such as chiropractic care, nutrition and other alternative cancer care treatments present a solid option. Understanding how the disease affects the body can help a patient in fighting the effects; and by using food, heat and special exercise, naturopathic medicine strengthens both the body and mind to combat the uglier stages of cancer treatment.

If you’re looking for a naturopath in Newmarket or surrounding areas like Aurora, we can help. Our naturopathic doctor provides natural cancer treatment so you can feel more like yourself and less like a victim during your cancer journey. Call us today to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Dr. K to learn more about how IV nutrient therapy can help get you back on your feet.

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