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At Align Health Centre, we believe that an investment in your health is an investment in your quality of life.

We don’t just see patients; we see partners who are committed to living life to the fullest. Our approach is centered around building lifelong relationships with our doctors and healthcare practitioners. We partner with individuals who are dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves for their own well-being and for the people they love.

Meet the faces at our Clinics

Chiropractic Team

Dr. Marcella Sanderson

Dr. Sanderson is the powerhouse behind Align Health Centre! She's a seasoned pro with over 20 years of experience. Proud of her Italian heritage, she's also a devoted ski and fur mom with TFC season tickets. Dr. Sanderson's passion for guiding her patients toward self-healing is evident, and she firmly believes in the power of individuals to prioritize their health. She promotes self-care and community support as essential parts of wellness.

Special Interests: Acupuncture
Back / Neck
Athletes / Sports Injury

Dr. Sabrina Crossley

Dr. Sabrina Crossley is not your average chiropractor—she's a wellness warrior on a mission! Dedicated to preventive medicine, she's all about healthy living for patients of all sizes. Specializing in treating families, especially moms-to-be and little ones, Dr. Crossley crafts custom treatment plans that lead to amazing transformations. When she's not adjusting spines, you can find her knitting up a storm, tending to her farm with cows and chickens, or adventuring with her three awesome kids in the great outdoors.

Special Interests: Prenatal
Family Wellness Care
Pre/Post Surgery

Dr. Trevor Morrison

Dr. Trevor Morrison is a chiropractor with a decade of experience, dedicated to empowering patients to achieve healthy lifestyles. He values the one-on-one interactions with his patients, celebrating their joys and supporting them through challenges. Dr. Morrison enjoys the variety of patients he sees daily, from newborns to seniors, and appreciates the continuous learning and growth opportunities at Align Health Centre.

Special Interests: Acupuncture
Pediatric / Infant
Sport Injury
Ankles/ Feet
Rotator Cuff
Lower Back Pain

Dr. Samantha Duncan

Dr. Samantha Duncan stands out in the chiropractic world with her evidence-based treatment approach, delivering top-notch care for both acute and chronic conditions. She's all about educating her patients and building trust to boost overall health. When she's not in the clinic, Dr. Duncan trades her chiropractic tools for a hockey stick, enjoys quality time with her family and friends and hikes through nature's wonders. Dr. Duncan brings a blend of expertise and zest for life to her practice, making wellness an enjoyable journey for everyone!.

Special Interests: Acupuncture
Lumbar Stenosis
Back Pain

Physiotherapy Team

Jonathan D’Sylva

Jonathan isn't a typical physiotherapist—he's a relationship builder and rehab guru! With a collaborative approach, he crafts personalized programs that get results. Jonathan's dedication to learning and Align Health Centre's integrated approach keep him inspired. Off-duty, you'll find him in the garden or indulging in his guilty pleasure of dating reality TV.

Special Interests: Shockwave Therapy
Laser Therapy
Sports Injury
Shoulders & Rotator Cuff
Pre/Post Surgery

Ryan Lankester

Ryan is a game-changer for young athletes! With a knack for helping them reach their peak and stay injury-free, Ryan is all about empowering his community to prioritize health. When he's not in the clinic, you'll find Ryan hitting the links for a round of golf, or casting a line while fishing. Ryan's commitment to wellness and his community makes him a catch both in and out of the office!.

Special Interests: Orthopedics
Post-op ACL Recovery
Shoulders & Rotator Cuff
Hip Replacement Surgery
Sports Injuries
Shockwave Therapy
Laser Therapy
Myofascial Release

Zara Javed

Zara is a ray of sunshine dedicated to improving lives! With a focus on chronic conditions, she stays ahead of the curve with her love for learning. Outside the clinic, you'll find Zara soaking up nature's beauty on walks, diving into a good book, or cherishing moments with her family. Zara's blend of compassion and expertise makes every step towards wellness feel like a walk in the park!.

Special Interests: Orthopedic conditions
Sports injuries
Pre /post surgery Rehabilitation
Sprains and strains
Pelvic floor
Shockwave therapy
Laser therapy

Luc Martineau

Luc Martineau, a physiotherapist with a passion for healing, sees his patients as teammates in their journey to wellness. His treatment approach is a symphony of empowerment and collaboration, where questions are encouraged, and conventional pain beliefs are challenged. Luc's holistic view of care extends to his love for hockey and workouts, strumming his guitar, and delving into autobiographies and science books.

Special Interests: Shockwave therapy
Laser therapy
Sprains & Strains
Tendinitis & Arthritis
Sports injuries & Chronic injuries
Myofascial release

Registered Massage Therapy Team

Sandee Sharhan

Sandee, our fabulous Registered Massage Therapist, is on a mission to restore balance and banish discomfort. With a knack for unraveling knots and soothing tension, she's dedicated to helping you feel like the best version of yourself. When she's not kneading away stress, you'll find her surrounded by her beloved animals, mastering the art of crochet and knitting, or keeping up with her active teenagers

Special Interests: Cupping
Hot Stone Massage
Prenatal Massage
Glutes/Hip Flexor
Pre/Post Surgery

Anita Steele

Anita Steele pirouettes from ballet teacher to massage therapist, seamlessly blending grace and healing touch. Her passion for hands-on care is as strong as her love for crafting with her Cricut. Anita approaches each treatment as a pas de deux, where learning and healing twirl together. With intuition as her compass, she particularly enjoys working with dancers and young athletes, bringing her expertise full circle.

Special Interests: Prenatal Massage
Shoulder & Rotator Cuff
Elbow, Arms, Hands
Feet & Ankles
Scalp / facial
Back / neck

Frank Wang

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that the body is one interconnected system. When the yin and yang are in balance, your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health can thrive.

Special Interests: Acupuncture
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Prenatal Massage
Active Stretching

Vernon Tang

Vernon, our skilled Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) at Align Health Centre, brings a therapeutic touch that's pure magic. Specializing in soothing aches and pains, Vernon's hands work wonders, helping clients find their perfect balance. When he's not easing tension, you can catch him enjoying sushi, indulging in ice cream, hitting the gym, and soaking up the vibes at music festivals.

Special Interests: Back and neck pain
Sports related injuries
Office workers
TMJ related dysfunction

Umar Yussuf

Umar isn't just your run-of-the-mill Registered Massage Therapist—soon to be a manual osteopath - he's a whole new level of awesome. With over 10 years of experience, he's dedicated to providing personalized treatments to help his clients achieve optimal health and wellness. His passion for healing and commitment to continual learning ensure that every session is tailored to promote relaxation, reduce pain, and improve overall well-being. When he's not healing, you can find him playing basketball, whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen, capturing moments through photography, meditating for inner peace, enjoying a bike ride, or savoring a double double.

Special Interests: Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Trigger point therapy

Sun Young Park

Discover a corner of relaxation and rejuvenation at Align Health Centre with Sun, our dedicated Registered Massage Therapist. Sun is passionate about helping you find relief and restore balance to your body. Whether you're seeking relaxation or targeted therapy, Sun tailors each session to meet your specific needs and goals. When not on the massage table, Sun enjoys honing her skills on the golf course, embracing the outdoors..

Special Interests: Trigger Point Release
Deep tissue Massage
Hot Stone Massage


Dr.Urszula May

Dr. May is a compassionate Naturopathic Doctor at Align Health Centre, who believes in the kindness of people and the power of positive change. Her practice focuses on guiding patients through life's uncertainties, using her personal healing journey and professional skills to empower others. Dr. May's diverse range of patients includes those from the LGBTQ community, children, parents, and individuals navigating various life stages. When she's not in the clinic, you can find her immersed in backcountry portage camping, dreaming of cultivating a food forest on her property, or setting up a backyard rink for her kids every winter.

Special Interests: Pediatrics
Healthy Aging including Menopause and Perimenopause
Family Wellness
Digestive Health

Acupuncture Team

Frank Wang

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that the body is one interconnected system. When the yin and yang are in balance, your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health can thrive.

Special Interests: Acupuncture
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Prenatal Massage
Active Stretching

Liping Wang

Liping Wang is a passionate practitioner dedicated to healing and restoring balance. She has built a strong reputation for her compassionate care and success in helping patients manage symptoms and maintain positivity. Liping's has a commitment to holistic healing, where she strives to improve lives beyond physical symptoms.

Special Interests: Asthma
Seasonal Allergies
Irregular Menstruation


Sydney Laliberte

Sydney is the force behind all things Operations at Align Health Centre. When she's not keeping things running smoothly, you can find her coaching ringette or grooving to country music. Sydney's passion for health and her dedication to Align's mission make her an invaluable part of the team!

Abby Beamish

Abby is our go-to Jane expert! When she's not tackling Jane-related tasks, you can find her on the soccer field, embracing her love for the game. Her favorite color is orange, reflecting her vibrant personality. During COVID, Abby took on a new challenge and created a small business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability.

Olga D'Assisi

Olga is our cheerful health assistant, bringing smiles to everyone she meets. She's a devoted dog mom with a guilty pleasure of indulging in movie theater popcorn. When it's time to unwind, Olga loves to kick back with episodes of Friends, enjoying the timeless humor. Her bubbly personality and love for life make her a pillar of Align culture!

Tina Wideman

Tina is the heart of our office, ensuring everything runs smoothly with her meticulous attention to detail. Outside of work, Tina cherishes spending time with her grandkids or joining her husband on motorcycle rides, embracing the thrill of the open road. Tina's dedication, warmth, and adventurous spirit make her an invaluable member of our team!

Sheryl Schweinberger

Sheryl, a proud Blue Jays fan, is an integral part of our team, infusing her work with passion and dedication. Sheryl finds solace in gardening, tending to her beautiful plants. Sheryl's adventurous side almost led her to buy an alpaca farm, highlighting her love for unique experiences.

Isabella Tiongson

Meet Isabella, our dynamic admin at Align Health Centre. When she's not ensuring smooth operations at the clinic, Isabella can be found on the rugby field, grooving to music of all genres, and strumming her guitar. She's also a sucker for rom-coms, adding a touch of romance to her downtime.


Experience the Align Difference

Chiropractic Care

Our approach goes well beyond making adjustments to the spine. We treat the entire nervous system, removing any roadblocks that are causing interferences in the body.


Our practitioners are passionate about creating well-rounded programs to address imbalances, and making sure your muscles are working equally to support you throughout your life.

Naturopathic Medicine

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself. We have the ability to unlock that power. We believe in treating the root cause of illness rather than the symptoms.


Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles at trigger points to balance energy flow in the body, according to Chinese medicine. It aims to remove blockages and enhance the flow of life force (qi).

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses acoustic waves to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions.

Massage Therapy

Our talented RMTs use a wide-range of techniques, including modalities like cupping, to move blood through the body, inviting new life into damaged, tense muscles.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers holistic treatments and ancient practices that aim to restore balance and promote wellness, addressing a variety of health concerns. Our TCM practitioners tailor treatments to individual needs, helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.

Custom Orthotics

A custom orthotic will help reduce pain and discomfort, setting a proper foundation for your posture, balance, and overall health.

MLS Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light to target and treat a variety of painful and debilitating conditions. This non-invasive treatment promotes healing at the cellular level, offering relief from pain and inflammation.

Why us

We put all of our energy into your care

Our love for teamwork goes far beyond our relationship with you. Our interdisciplinary model and unified approach to your health means our team members communicate with each other about treatment plans and individual patient needs, ensuring you get the best care possible. It comes down to collaboration and innovation; we strive for deeper participation from everyone involved.

Comprehensive Care Team

Benefit from a multidisciplinary team of experts working together to address your health needs comprehensively.

Holistic Wellness Solutions

Access a range of holistic treatments and services designed to align your body and mind for optimal wellness.

Patient-Centered Approach

Experience personalized care that puts you at the center of your health journey, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Explore the latest in healthcare technology and innovative treatments, ensuring you receive the most advanced care available.

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