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Many people believe they have no choice but to “live with it” when it comes to aches, pain, and daily discomfort. We want to show you another way. When your body is aligned and functioning well, you should be pain-free.

We’ve been providing the Newmarket, Aurora and Sharon area with innovative, state-of-the-art healthcare for over 15 years. Our chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and naturopathic doctors partner with you to enhance your quality of life, supporting and empowering you to discover the best version of yourself. By proactively managing your diet, mindset and lifestyle, you can take back control of your health.

Our Story

Our investment in people has been the foundation of our clinic since day one.

Align Health Centre was founded in 2004 by Clinic Director and Chiropractor Dr. Marcella Sanderson. What started as four treatment rooms and a sole practitioner quickly grew to include over 25 practitioners and administrative staff, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. Our integrative, interdisciplinary approach was a natural evolution of a team of like-minded practitioners collaborating to better the health of their communities.

From the beginning, we wanted to create a space that takes the ego out of healthcare. One that empowers patients to ask questions and take charge of their own health. We’ve been providing this care to Newmarket and Aurora for nearly two decades and, in 2018, we expanded our community to a new clinic in Sharon.

Over the years, our commitment to care has been recognized through various accolades and awards, including the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce “Professional Service of the Year” award. Acknowledgements like this means the world to us. Not because of the title or the plaque, but because it’s rooted in the community we’re so dedicated to. And no matter how far we grow, we promise to remain committed to that community.

Your One-Stop-Shop to Optimal Health

We’re carving a new path in healthcare by helping you create the best version of yourself. It starts with finding and treating the root cause of your pain or injury – not just the symptoms that are holding you back.

Our team of experts work together under one umbrella to design a treatment plan unique to your needs. One that will eliminate pain, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your health.

Our interdisciplinary model is all about teamwork and innovation. By collaborating on your treatment plan and care, we’re building a proactive system focused on putting health first.

Every body is different, which is why we provide customized treatment plans unique to every practice member who walks in our door. We believe the practices of chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy and naturopathic medicine are complimentary, and we work together to deliver you the best possible care.

Whether you’re visiting our Newmarket or Sharon location, we’re dedicated to making you feel welcome, safe and cared for. We’re here when you need us.

Let us help you start living your best life.

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