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Our Story

Align Health Centre was established in 2004 by Clinic Director and Chiropractor Dr. Marcella Sanderson, starting with four treatment rooms and a single practitioner and growing to include over 25 practitioners and administrative staff. Our integrative, interdisciplinary approach naturally evolved as a team of like-minded practitioners collaborated to improve community health. Since our inception, we have aimed to create a healthcare space that prioritizes patient empowerment and removes egos from the equation. We have proudly served Newmarket and Aurora for nearly two decades and expanded to a new clinic in Sharon in 2018. Our dedication to patient care has been recognized with awards such as the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce “Professional Service of the Year,” reflecting our commitment to our community’s health and well-being.

We’re carving a new path in healthcare by helping you create the best version of yourself. It starts with finding and treating the root cause of your pain or injury – not just the symptoms that are holding you back.


Align Health Centre is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or condition, feel welcome and valued in our care.


Align Health Centre thrives on constantly seeking new ways to advance practices and improve patient outcomes through cutting-edge technology and treatment modalities.


Align Health Centre promotes a respectful atmosphere where every individual is treated with dignity, compassion, and understanding, fostering a healing environment for all.


Align Health Centre fosters a collaborative environment where practitioners work together seamlessly, ensuring each patient receives comprehensive and holistic care.

To foster a cooperative community empowered with optimal health.
As a united team of dedicated healthcare professionals, we partner with community members to enhance their quality of life.

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