Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Concussion Therapy?

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Suffering from a concussion is a life-changing event that for some can lead to lifelong debilitating pain. Chiropractors are able to safely and effectively assess, diagnose and treat patients to give them hope and relief from their concussion symptoms.


Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Concussion Therapy?

Chiropractors are medical professionals that are trained to safely manipulate the body and musculoskeletal system to relieve pain and make sure your body is functioning properly. Concussion therapy is one of the many treatments that chiropractors can safely perform in Canada. Not all chiropractors provide concussion therapy, and each patient should consult with their chiropractor to understand their treatment options.

Your chiropractor will determine which manipulations and treatment options are right for your specific injury to ensure that you are receiving appropriate treatment. There continues to be research in all medical fields to better understand concussions and treatment options, however, chiropractic care has been safely used to treat many concussions including Sydney Crosby who was treated in 2012 by his chiropractor for a concussion. Seeking chiropractic treatment for his concussion helped save his career in hockey.

Rowan’s Law in Canada regulates who can diagnose concussions from sports injuries in Canada. Currently under Rowan’s Law chiropractors cannot diagnose concussions, however, they can work with your care team to help manage your concussion after diagnosis.


What is Involved with Chiropractic Care for Concussion Therapy?

The first appointment for each patient is a consultation where we discuss your condition and work together to create a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle. Each patient needs a unique treatment plan to help them find relief from concussion symptoms.

Our chiropractors will go through your options and explain the process so you understand your treatment plan. Your chiropractor is there to make you feel comfortable with the treatment so ask questions if you are unsure.

Different treatment options may include vestibular rehabilitation therapy for balance, neck and spine realignment for pain relief and soft tissue therapy for symptom management. There are many treatment options that your chiropractor can explore with you in your consultation.


How Long Will It Take for Me to Start Improving?

Each person and concussion is different making it difficult to determine how long it will take to start seeing improvements. For many, concussion therapy is a lifelong journey of pain and symptom management. The relief that patients feel after starting chiropractic care for concussions brings hope to many suffering from the continued pain associated with concussions.

“Be strong through the hard times. It gets better.” – Trent, Concussion Patient, Canadian Chiropractic Association.

The research continues to determine how medical professionals can continue to improve concussion therapy for concussion patients; however, chiropractic care has emerged as a safe and effective treatment option for patients suffering from debilitating pain.

If you are looking to relieve symptoms from a concussion, speak to our chiropractors about your treatment options.